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Cake House Update 2

Since the porch trim was dry, I decided to fit it and see how it looks before gluing. I like it! I oopsed and painted the porch railings white instead of brown, but I kinda like it.


A top-down view:


Ground height:


Towards the kitchen (I need to fix that blue paint before I glue this in…):


I’ve decided not to use the brackets that came with the kit; instead I’m going to pick out some ribbon to trim the edges of the house. I have a small piece that came off of a dress or something that I’d like to match. We’ll see how close I can get.

Also, I’m gonna deviate from the instructions here and do the doors before I glue in the trim because I anticipate trouble trying to get my big fat fingers in there to get the doors right! 🙂 So after the steps are done, then the doors!


Author: bunny RainDrop on YouTube

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