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The Star Coffee Bar: Foundation and Walls Part 1

Got an new kit from China!


It comes with everything you see in the picture except the plexiglass dust cover. The only catch is that you have to assemble 99.6% of it…

Fun! Right?


So far so good… Got the flooring glued and am ready to move on to foundation assembly…


Oh. My. GOD. I’m waiting on some Uhu glue from Thailand, so today when we ran to the local Walmart we picked up some Elmer’s Ultra Fix Craft Bond. This stuff is so thick… It makes me a little worried about the Uhu glue… But i gave it a shot! After twenty five minutes or so fighting with a rubber band to try and get these things to stick, and screaming at my assistant (sorry honey!) I ended up with the good old masking tape. (Clamps. My kingdom for some clamps.) After about an hour I checked it by pulling one edge of tape off, and boing! The end of the warped white pieces sprung right up.

(Heavy sigh.)

Taped it back together and glopped on some wood glue. That should hold her!!!


Next up was cutting out the wallpapers and gluing them on with white glue. Now everything’s drying! This is gonna be a lot tougher than I thought…


Author: bunny RainDrop on YouTube

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