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Mini House: Day 1

This one is the same style as my pony house! 😁 Today I got the house, base, porch, and stairs put together. 

Now I’m trying to decide if I like it at this address or not:

Hope everyone had a great turkey day yesterday! 🍗🍴😀

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Cherry Conventions: Day 2

Bedroom’s done:

This is all just for the fireplace! Such tiny pieces:

Fireplace, potted plant, standing lamp:

Living room:

Hanging lamp (pain in my… neck):

Dining room (and my giant thumb for scale):

Grass laid, house and tree glued. Here’s the back of the house, with the beginnings the landscaping:

And the front:

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Cherry Conventions: Day 1

The first house is here, and it’s gonna take up a lot more space than I anticipated. Oh well!

The box:

The bags:

The base set in its spot:

Pieces for the house:

Ma and Pa Rabbit watching the build:

Then I decided that I didn’t like how much space this one house was taking up the village board, so I’m making my own template and putting the house in a new spot:

Wallpaper and flooring glued on:

Windows glued on:

Thirty-five minutes later, we have a house shell! I love tiny houses!



Ma is planning where the furniture’s going:

Pa is trying to figure out where in the yard he’s putting his swing:

Here’s the house in its place in the village:

Roof on:

Porch and stairs on:


Aziz, light!

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Cottontail Corner: Day 1

I’ve begun work on a little village I’m putting together, that will be lit and be on a stand that spins. Two of the six houses are ordered and on their way! 

Village base carved:

Painted stream, pond, road:

Close up of highlighting on stream. I used Laguna for the base, China Blue and Snow White for the highlights: 

Added Mod Podge Gloss to make it shiny:

Glued in the coffee “dirt” path:

Pieces for the electrical display box:

Bottom of box gluing:

Top of box gluing:

I added a little lip just inside the edges of the underside of the top it will sit nicely on the box without sliding around. Now it’s all just gotta dry overnight. 😁

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Kitty Bar Day 3

Been a while! But, ya know… Life happens. Today’s completed tasks:

Boxes and bags:



Plant and chimes:


Goodies placed:

The Bar so far: