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Cake House: More Windows and a Cabinet

So! When we left off yesterday, I was thoroughly pissed off at myself for the painting mess up. This morning I decided to take a break from the windows and bash a cabinet to put in this house.

This is what I started with, $5 at Hobby Lobby. 

Hubs cut off the legs and back for me, then I sanded and was left with this. (Sorry for the blurry pic!)

Cut some molding with my new EZ Cutter Ultimate (I love this thing! Merry Christmas to me!) and glued it to the front and left side of the cabinet. The right side will be flush with the wall. 

The piece of scrap is me testing Minwax Golden Oak as the color for the cabinets. The molding will be white to go with the rest of the room, but I gotta fill the corner with wood filler before I paint. 

This got me motivated enough to fix the paint on the three windows. 

   Stained the cabinet Golden Oak, not that the picture shows it very well, lol. 

Painted the molding white, then held it in place to see how it looks. 

I like it! The white trim does not clash as bad as I thought it was going to with the wallpaper, and the cabinet and bay complement each other nicely. The cabinet is the tiniest bit out of scale, but I think it’ll work. 

That done, I glued the acetate windows back in and glued the windows to the house. 

Looking good! 

Cool, the trim I picked out looks pretty good! Window is straight, looks to be enough room for the molding… Wait a minute. You’ve got to be kidding me. 

I glued the frosted side on the wrong side of the acetate!!!

I can’t wait to be done with these windows. I’ll just keep telling myself it adds character to the house and go play some Miku to calm me down. 

Merry Christmas y’all!


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