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HORI Hatsune Miku: Protect Diva X Mini-controller for PS4/PS3 Review

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My wonderful husband ordered me a HORI Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X mini-controller from Japan that came in yesterday. I play a lot of Miku. I’m currently going back and forth between Project Diva X and Project Diva: Future Tone. My 12-year-old is much better at it then I am. My old thumbs don’t move that quick anymore! 🙂 Anyway, after 24 hours with the HORI controller, here are my initial thoughts.

It’s beautiful, first off. The buttons look like you’d expect arcade buttons to look, kinda like the plastic bubble that the die is in on the board game Trouble, if you remember that one. (Am I dating myself? LOL) But a higher quality plastic. 

The faceplate of the controller is matte finish and I love that all the clouds are represented on the front. 🙂 The back is a metal plate. The controller feels very sturdy, it doesn’t migrate across whatever surface I have it on while playing, and it feels like it will stand up for a long time as long as it isn’t dropped for a long distance. At 10 feet, the cord is nice and long. 

The buttons take some adjusting to if you’re used to playing on a DualShock 4 like I am. They’re a lot further apart than I was expecting, and bigger. It’s completely different playing with your fingers as opposed to your thumbs. 

You have to make sure to lift your fingers all the way off of the buttons between notes, or it registers as a hold. I am currently struggling to find the analog sticks for start notes and slides, but that’s an operator issue not a design flaw. (As far as my sense of space is concerned, those things might as well be in another room from my hands, but it’s not like I can look down in the middle of a song to find them! LOL)

I absolutely love my mini controller. 🙂 I’ve already beaten three songs on Future Tone on hard that I hadn’t been able to with the DS4. (Sadistic*Music*Factory, The Intense Voice of Hatsune Miku, and Nyan Cat.) I’m now playing all songs on Extreme with challenges on Diva X, which is a huge step up from before. I’m only half a crystal from fully maxing out all the clouds!!! Yoi!!! 

I turned on the PS3 to test the mini controller (mini… this thing is not small) on Project Diva: F 2nd, and I can report that it works just as well as it does on Diva X. The targets are so responsive that it’s almost difficult for me to adjust because I’m used to how the songs are on Future Tone. 🙂 But that’s a game thing, not a controller thing, lol. 

I only have one complaint, and I’m sure it’s probably specific to my controller, so YMMV. Quite a few times my up arrow button has gotten stuck in some way to where it stops registering for a few notes/targets. The physical button itself that you push doesn’t seem to have an issue, it bounces back up fine, but internally there seems to be something sticking because I’ll be banging madly away on it and it just doesn’t register. (I tested this on a menu too, so it’s not just me missing notes.) Maybe it got damaged in shipping. (Though the box was fine, as you can see by the pic above.) Edit 03/14/17: I think I just needed to break in the controller and adjust to the button tension, because I no longer have any issues. 🙂

Other than that controller-specific issue, I am absolutely, totally in love with this controller. After only 24 hours of adjustment time, (and really about 4-6 hours of play time), I can already see the difference in my ability to clear the harder levels and challenges of the songs. And it’s so much fun! I find myself banging furiously away in time to the songs, and I feel much more involved and immersed in them than I did with the DS4. I actually yanked off my headphones earlier, after playing Unhappy Refrain, turned to my husband and gleefully reported, “that was fun!” before immediately playing the same song again. 🙂

For anyone who is really into rhythm games, (specifically Miku), and wants to have the experience of being in the arcade without having to fly all the way to Japan, or if you happen to live in Japan and want to practice at home, this controller is the way to go. You can change the button assignments to match the straight line that you get on the arcade box, but I prefer to use it at its default settings.  On the whole, this controller’s kinda pricey, but it completely feels worth the price as a peripheral for someone who’s put over 50 hours into both Diva X and Future Tone. 😀

I give it a 9/10, only because of that sticky up button. Edit 03/14/17: 10/10!!!! All issues have resolved themselves and I continue to improve daily. I’ve finally been able to beat the two songs I couldn’t beat on hard with the DS4. Thank you, HORI, for making a Miku controller for the PS4. 

And just because, watch this guy play my favorite song with the PS3 mini controller:

*Thank you again to my wonderful other half for getting me my Miku controller!*

I love you 😉


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