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Mini House: Day 4

Puzzling some grass pieces together:

I decided I really didn’t like the yellow, gloppy glue, so I covered it with ivy. Before:

After. I think it looks much better:

Here it is in its spot:

And the whole board:

Glued in place, beginning landscaping:

Almost finished landscaping, front and back:

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Mini House: Day 3

Furnishing the house today. First up; first floor!

Couch, chair, coffee table, 2 paintings, standing lamp:

Second floor. Bed, nightstand, wardrobe, rug, painting: 

Third floor; baby’s room. Crib, dresser, rocking horse:

Welcome mat out front:



I have to say, I am really not happy with the fact that my awesome Uhu glue has turned yellow on this house. Hasn’t happened on any of the other houses I’ve done! Maybe this one used a different type of paint or something? I’ll probably wind vines up along the bay wall to cover up the nasty looking seams.  Anyway… on to landscaping!!! 😀

Mini House: Day 2

Working on interior pieces today. Couch and chair:

With pillows:

Coffee table:

These tiny pieces are so hard to take pictures of, lol. They always come out blurry. 

Bed, crib, bench (rocking horse was one piece):

Pictures, standing lamp, nightstand, wardrobe, child’s dresser, rug, magazines for bench:

Tomorrow I’ll place everything in the house! Yay!

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Mini House: Day 1

This one is the same style as my pony house! 😁 Today I got the house, base, porch, and stairs put together. 

Now I’m trying to decide if I like it at this address or not:

Hope everyone had a great turkey day yesterday! 🍗🍴😀

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Cherry Conventions: Day 1

The first house is here, and it’s gonna take up a lot more space than I anticipated. Oh well!

The box:

The bags:

The base set in its spot:

Pieces for the house:

Ma and Pa Rabbit watching the build:

Then I decided that I didn’t like how much space this one house was taking up the village board, so I’m making my own template and putting the house in a new spot:

Wallpaper and flooring glued on:

Windows glued on:

Thirty-five minutes later, we have a house shell! I love tiny houses!



Ma is planning where the furniture’s going:

Pa is trying to figure out where in the yard he’s putting his swing:

Here’s the house in its place in the village:

Roof on:

Porch and stairs on:


Aziz, light!

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Cottontail Corner: Day 1

I’ve begun work on a little village I’m putting together, that will be lit and be on a stand that spins. Two of the six houses are ordered and on their way! 

Village base carved:

Painted stream, pond, road:

Close up of highlighting on stream. I used Laguna for the base, China Blue and Snow White for the highlights: 

Added Mod Podge Gloss to make it shiny:

Glued in the coffee “dirt” path:

Pieces for the electrical display box:

Bottom of box gluing:

Top of box gluing:

I added a little lip just inside the edges of the underside of the top it will sit nicely on the box without sliding around. Now it’s all just gotta dry overnight. 😁