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Cake House: Three Windows

Before I forget, my mom and dad got this set for me for Christmas to go in the Cake House. 

Isn’t it cute!? I love the little record player. I also keep forgetting to take a picture of the front door trim, probably because it’s so hard to get a picture of! 

Otherwise, the only news for today is that I got the three single windows sanded, painted, and glued in. I’m babysitting today, so not much progress. I’m getting so close to done with this house though! Yay!!!

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Cake House: More Windows and a Cabinet

So! When we left off yesterday, I was thoroughly pissed off at myself for the painting mess up. This morning I decided to take a break from the windows and bash a cabinet to put in this house.

This is what I started with, $5 at Hobby Lobby. 

Hubs cut off the legs and back for me, then I sanded and was left with this. (Sorry for the blurry pic!)

Cut some molding with my new EZ Cutter Ultimate (I love this thing! Merry Christmas to me!) and glued it to the front and left side of the cabinet. The right side will be flush with the wall. 

The piece of scrap is me testing Minwax Golden Oak as the color for the cabinets. The molding will be white to go with the rest of the room, but I gotta fill the corner with wood filler before I paint. 

This got me motivated enough to fix the paint on the three windows. 

   Stained the cabinet Golden Oak, not that the picture shows it very well, lol. 

Painted the molding white, then held it in place to see how it looks. 

I like it! The white trim does not clash as bad as I thought it was going to with the wallpaper, and the cabinet and bay complement each other nicely. The cabinet is the tiniest bit out of scale, but I think it’ll work. 

That done, I glued the acetate windows back in and glued the windows to the house. 

Looking good! 

Cool, the trim I picked out looks pretty good! Window is straight, looks to be enough room for the molding… Wait a minute. You’ve got to be kidding me. 

I glued the frosted side on the wrong side of the acetate!!!

I can’t wait to be done with these windows. I’ll just keep telling myself it adds character to the house and go play some Miku to calm me down. 

Merry Christmas y’all!

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Cake House: Lots of Windows

For those of you just tuning in, I started the Cake House almost two years ago. It’s a Greenleaf Fairfield, which was the first house I really wanted, but ended up being the fifth or sixth kit that we bought.  I wasn’t sure when last time I’d worked on it was, so I looked back through the blog. It was way back in March! Wow! 

Anyway, now that I’m back at it, here’s the update!

I painted and added the last missing trim piece for the exterior attic windows. (This piece broke when I popped it out of the sheet it was on, and I glued it then stopped working on this house.) 

Sanded, painted, assembled, and installed exterior windows on the tower. 

Oh goodness, look at all those windows! And this is just the interiors, exteriors and window sills!

This is all just trim….

Jeez. Now I remember why I like the little Chinese kits so much, lol. But I can do so much more with a kit like this. 

I got all the interior window trim sanded and painted before dinner. 

Second floor, front room (bedroom). Looking at the picture, now I’m not sure I’ll be able to fit the molding above the windows…

First floor, back room (Dining Room). Got these a little crooked. Crap. 

First floor, front room (Parlor/Living Room). Wow. Just… wow. Could I have screwed these up any worse? So crooked…

Finally, the view down the upstairs hall. 

Having taken these pictures, I now realize I painted the hall window trim the totally wrong color. This after already discovering that I’d painted the trim for the bathroom and kitchen the wrong color. Aaaarrrggghhh!!! Can’t rip it back off though; one of the pieces of trim is holding ripped wallpaper in place. I think I’m done for the night. Time to go play some Miku instead. 

Merry Christmas everyone. I wish you and yours a joyous holiday season!

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Mini House: Day 3

Furnishing the house today. First up; first floor!

Couch, chair, coffee table, 2 paintings, standing lamp:

Second floor. Bed, nightstand, wardrobe, rug, painting: 

Third floor; baby’s room. Crib, dresser, rocking horse:

Welcome mat out front:



I have to say, I am really not happy with the fact that my awesome Uhu glue has turned yellow on this house. Hasn’t happened on any of the other houses I’ve done! Maybe this one used a different type of paint or something? I’ll probably wind vines up along the bay wall to cover up the nasty looking seams.  Anyway… on to landscaping!!! 😀

Mini House: Day 2

Working on interior pieces today. Couch and chair:

With pillows:

Coffee table:

These tiny pieces are so hard to take pictures of, lol. They always come out blurry. 

Bed, crib, bench (rocking horse was one piece):

Pictures, standing lamp, nightstand, wardrobe, child’s dresser, rug, magazines for bench:

Tomorrow I’ll place everything in the house! Yay!

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Mini House: Day 1

This one is the same style as my pony house! 😁 Today I got the house, base, porch, and stairs put together. 

Now I’m trying to decide if I like it at this address or not:

Hope everyone had a great turkey day yesterday! 🍗🍴😀

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Cherry Conventions: Day 1

The first house is here, and it’s gonna take up a lot more space than I anticipated. Oh well!

The box:

The bags:

The base set in its spot:

Pieces for the house:

Ma and Pa Rabbit watching the build:

Then I decided that I didn’t like how much space this one house was taking up the village board, so I’m making my own template and putting the house in a new spot:

Wallpaper and flooring glued on:

Windows glued on:

Thirty-five minutes later, we have a house shell! I love tiny houses!



Ma is planning where the furniture’s going:

Pa is trying to figure out where in the yard he’s putting his swing:

Here’s the house in its place in the village:

Roof on:

Porch and stairs on:


Aziz, light!